Oslo Fintech Hub Code of Conduct & Rules of Engagement

This Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement applies to all parties at Oslo Fintech Hub, including all members, investors, mentors, corporates, partners, guests at event and employees. It is written with the inspiration from Oslo Business Region, the well known Berlin Code of Conduct and from TheFactory, and Oslo Fintech hub stands behind all the codes and rules from these parties. The following is therefore written, not instead of, but as a short summary;

  • Oslo Fintech Hub is built on the belief that everyone is equal, and that integrity and sharing is important to secure well functioning eco-system in the future. We connect startups with mentors, investors, partners and established corporates, in addition to other startups
  • We believe all parties should read and understand these codes and rules, and openly discuss among each other if there is a need for further clarification
  • In an ever changing world, conferences, seminars, workshops, hackatons, and other event-like activities are becoming an integrated part of staying updated and connected. There is no reason why this part of life should be an unpleasant experience. However for way too many, this is still the case.
  • Oslo Business Region want to make Oslo a pioneering city and lead the way in this field, and really hope that one day all events and event goers will understand the responsibility of making events a pleasant experience for all involved from beginning to end – and after. Oslo Fintech Hub support OBR in this, and will include #BeNice Code of Conduct for all our events to ensure harassment free zone for everyone.
  • Corporates should not engage in a process with a startup if they already have decided to build a competing solution, and vice versa. We encourage startups to share as much information as they want to share, without the "feeling" of being pressured to share more than willingly. Startups must understand that established corporations are built on longer and often less streamlined structures, and will often have longer decision making processes.
  • If, and when, details are being discussed between corporates and startups, we advise that NDA's are being used.
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